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mjarek Monday April 29, 2019

Cycle 512
The winds of March are proclaiming the slow but certain approach of spring. I’ve hung wind chimes and every available tree branch that I can reach hoping their merry jingling will also act to welcome the approaching season.

Now the sun is higher in the sky than it has been since last fall and even though there is snow on the ground and a nip in the temperatures, that sun has real heat in it.

My geraniums that have spent the winter in sunny south windows have now begin to bloom making me ever so glad I rescued them from peoples leaf piles last fall.

The one thing I do dislike about March is the ice that forms on sidewalks from the melting and refreezing of snow banks. I did venture out for a brief walk yesterday but it was more a case of picking my way over the ice than a brisk walk.

As the season advances there are so many things to look forward to, but ice free sidewalks are the one thing that will create the deepest sense of gratitude in me.

Some where not so very far away in the southland daffodils will begin to bloom, but here in the north country we will undoubtedly get more snow. Still we’re born optimists.

We always tell each other the snow that falls at this time of year doesn’t last long and spring is on its way. But until it actually arrives on my door step I've got the music of wind chimes and the vivid crimson of my geraniums to keep me satisfied and for those small blessings I am grateful.

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