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mjarek Friday November 15, 2019

Majesty 512
I am surrounded by the regal majesty of creation unmatched by any pageantry humanity may create. All around me there is evidence of nature's royal splendor. In the majestic spread of a raptors wings out spread to catch the updraft of unseen currents there is majesty. In the towering branches of ancient trees brushing up against the azure sky there is majesty. In the stillness of dawn and in the tranquil light of sunset there is majesty.

Majesty is present in all that elevates our perception above the self created doldrums of uninspired days and causes our souls to be overwhelmed with a sense of awe and wonder and remembrance. Awe inspiring majesty is an inherent attribute of creation at all times.

When man strives to duplicate this quality it is exactly that, a duplication, and imperfect attempt, a flawed replica.

Only one whose very soul is shrunken by apathy would fail to be moved by the sight of a sunrise whose flaming glory over spreads the whole morning sky in such a manner as to astonish the senses of all who witness it.

There is no man made effort that can even come close to the awesome splendor of a night sky filled with such a plethora of stars, one grows dizzy in an attempt of comprehend it all.

Looking around me I am forever conscious of the prolific regalia of nature. I am forever seeking to contain all that is beautiful within the perimeter of my awareness. But I am achingly aware that mortal mind cannot possibly encompass the full spectrum of natures magnificence.

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