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mjarek Thursday April 23, 2020


Life is comprised of paradox and irony, of contradiction and dichotomy but also of synchronicity. Fate and chance are entwined in a manner that often makes it difficult to discern which is which or are they actually one and the same?

The deeper you search for an answer one quickly discovered there are multiple answers for every question and a hundred more questions for every answer. Nothing is ever what it seems. It is always more and the simpler a thing may be the greater is the mystery of which it is a small part.

The only absolute is change itself and the greatest of all mysteries is the nature of time.

And yet in the stillness the midnight hour, even in the depth of the darkest night, there is a paint of light that pierces the darkness, that calls to us across the vastness of the darkest night, resonating within us like the echo of a half remembered dream.

In the midst of chaos a pattern emerges and we know ourselves not to be alone but to be part of something greater than the sum of its parts.

Ultimately the way through the maze is revealed and all paths converge at that single point of light out of which they first emanated.

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