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Measures of Time

mjarek Saturday October 5, 2019

Measures Of Time 512
Time is a very odd concept. It is the means by which we measure the pace of change. Change itself is the eternal constant in our reality.

Children have a very different concept of time until society forces them to comply to artificial measurements, they can slip into a sense of the eternal present wholly focused on the moment and be present in that moment. In that focus past and future do not exist.

Humans who pour themselves into some form of creativity are equally capable of experiencing this state of timelessness.

Having freed myself from the chains of other peoples expectations, I've managed to some extent the ability to live my life in tune with the diurnal rhythm of nature.

I can spend an afternoon on my swing when time stretches out before me unimpeded by schedules. Watching a spider spin its web or a pair of squirrels playing tag in the cottonwood. I am drifting along on the thermal currents like a raptor in the endless blue corridors of space.

I feel no urgency to do anything more than breath. I feel no sense of guilt for living life in such a manner though I’m sure there are those who would say i”m waisting time. My reply would be to point out that the true waste of time is to live in such a way that one never truly experiences the miracle of a summer garden or the mystery out of which creation in its entirety emerges.

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