mjarek Monday October 9, 2017

Wisdom 512 Having traversed the path of mortal life for seven and one half decades, I ask myself what is it I have learned?

What pearls of wisdom have I claimed as my own? The gift of years offers a chance to gain perspective as well as bringing a realization that all things are passing.

We have choices, more then we may realize. We have the ability to create the substance of our lives out of the circumstances in which we may find ourselves.

It is not by chance that I’ve centered my life in the heart of a garden. There is comfort to be taken in being part of the great cycles of the seasons. There is a peace that passes the soul of those who choose to recognize the circles within circles that make up the days and weeks and years of a life time.

We do irreparable harm to our psyches when we sever our ties to the natural world no matter how spiritual we may think we are or how sophisticated or intellectual. Without sustaining our natural connection to the earth and her seasons we loose ourselves in every passing crisis untethered from the wisdom of the earth we become ships with neither sails or anchors lost in a stormy sea.

Here then in this garden I find not only deep wisdom but also peace and all the beauty my soul may desire.

I live my days within the circadian rhythm of the sun and the seasons.

We cannot bring peace to the world if we have no peace within ourselves if we are not firmly anchored to the ways of the spirit we will loose custody of our own souls..

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