No Cure

mjarek Thursday January 5, 2017

No Cure 512 It was Winston Churchill who observed, even as death rained down from the sky in the form of unrelenting bombing that a love of flowers is one of the noblest qualities of the human mind adding “You can live a long time with a geranium”.

Every fall I haul in my numerous pots of geraniums and then go out and rescue those of my neighbors. They occupy every available window in my house and with the right care they bloom in the dead of winter especially those in the sunniest windows.

I’ve got three that are at least thirty years old although the more highbred ones do not have that kind of life span. Since I keep my thermostat on 55 degrees its imperative to not over water since that would create root rot.

Come spring I haul them back out doors and repot them. They provide me with an endless season of vivid color all around the year.

This passion I have for flowers I have had since I was three.

I am as drawn to flowers of any kind as surely as is a honey bee.

If as Winston Churchill said about this love of flowers being a noble human characteristic, then I must be very noble indeed.

Be that as it may be, love of flowers constitute what amounts to something of an obsession, but its an obsession for which I fervently pray no cure is ever discovered.