mjarek Sunday September 9, 2018

Riddle 512

Life is comprised of paradox and irony, or contradiction and conundrum, or dichotomy and dilemma. The more deeply you search its labyrinth in pursuit of answers, the more complex reality becomes.

There very well may be multiple answers for every question. At the same time there are a hundred more questions for every answer. One enters the maze of human experience hoping to find that for which there really is no definitive answers.

And yet I have came to know with heartfelt certainty that there exists something that calls to us, resonates within like the faint echos of a half remembered dream. We are most aware of this subtle presence when we are in the venues of creations sublime beauty. We sense it when love lifts us up on wings of ecstasy or when we are moved by an over whelming sense of empathy. Through even the deepest darkest there is yet a light that pierces, if only for a moment, the densest fog of our perception. We must never take our eyes off that pin prick of light or loose sight of the dream that light reveals.

For some the path through the maze of existence seems perfectly clear and well defined. For others the shadows are deep and yet ultimately all paths converge at a single point of clarification that reveals our common destiny as beings who are and have always been intended to be forever citizens of the light.

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